Marcy Ellis

Pin - Oh Yes I Can


Oh Yes I Can!

Perfect on your denim jacket or anywhere you like to wear pins.

Enamel lapel pin with butterfly clutch backing. Gold plated filled with four colors on soft enamel on the front, fine textured iron backing.

The card stock that the pin is attached to for display comes in a few different designs. 

Size: 1.25”
Thickness: 1.2mm

Made in: Tucson, USA
Through delicate lines of ink and watercolor, Marcy Ellis draws inspiration from flora, the natural world, and the female form. Her work explores the connection of landscape, spirit and space and celebrates the transformative representation of fragile beauty within the female body. Rooting herself closer to the earth, Marcy creates pigments using natural inks and dyes to create her colors as well as sourcing locally for all printing and screenpring products.

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