By Rosie Jane

Eau De Parfum Mini Discovery Set


The discovery set includes five mini roll-on fragrances by Rosie Jane. A clean fragrance collection hand mixed in Los Angeles.  Discover all the scents. These mini bottles are perfect to stash in your purse for a spritz on the go. 

Collection includes five 2ml bottles: 

Leila Lou - notes of pear, Jasmine and fresh cut grass.

James - notes of gardenia, fig and amber.

Rosie - notes of nude musk and a hint of rose.

Angie - notes of honeysuckle, Jasmine and fig.

Lake - notes of citrus, bergamot, sandalwood and vanilla. 

How To: Roll on pulse points - inner wrists, behind ears, behind knees and cleavage area. 


Ingredients: organic sugar cane alcohol, fragrance/parfum.

Made without parabens, phthalates, BHT, hormone interrupters or nasties.  


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