Are you a retailer who wants boutique quality, highly curated vintage clothing and accessories?  Our vintage is on-trend and only the best grade.  We've been selling vintage since 1998 and have a background in the fashion/apparel industry.  We have a keen eye for fabrics, construction and trends.  

The resale market is growing 21x faster than the fashion industry overall.  Young consumers prioritize sustainability and clean fashion.  Vintage is a great way to add unique, sustainable items to your product mix.

We sell wholesale 30%-50% off our retail prices.  Add your branding and mark it up 2-7x the wholesale price.

$1000 minimum order.  

Make an appointment to hand pick in our Cleveland Ohio store or contact us for shipping information.  We ship worldwide.

Please take a look at our instagram to see products and pricing (30%-50% off price shown for wholesale orders).  Be sure to check the New Arrivals highlight.